Independence with support. We believe this idea is the key to achieving and maintaining a Life with Dignity - regardless of age, budget or family circumstances.

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Independence with support. We believe this idea is the key to achieving and maintaining a Life with Dignity – regardless of age, budget or family circumstances. And we have made it our mission to help every client build a life plan to ensure quality living around that model.

In reality, “the system” is not designed to make our Life with Dignity mission simple for people facing the challenges of mental illness, disability or aging. So we focus on three key components that make the whole process much easier: advocacy, life/care planning and power of attorney/private guardianship.

Each of these services plays a key role in helping individuals, families and caregivers keep that supported independence, while saving our clients time, money – and, perhaps most importantly, stress.

By knowing exactly what services and outreach programs are available, we can connect our clients with their community’s best resources right away. Each life/care plan we build specifies which needs can be met by what providers, and then we ensure those connections happen. We maintain working relationships with the agencies, specialists, program directors and private providers throughout the Chicago area. These relationships give us a team approach to helping our clients reach their goals. More independence with support.

If you, a loved one or someone in your care needs a qualified, experienced advocate, consider Life with Dignity. We build a realistic, well-rounded life plan – and ensure that plan is carried out effectively. We work within reasonable budgets; do not charge excessive or unnecessary fees; and provide our clients with the support they need to maintain as much personal dignity and independence as possible.

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March 22, 2015 |

The Impact of Being the Care Giver

If you think you are saving by caring for your loved one…Think again. Below are some statistics. There are huge impacts to the individual care giver, not just in health but financially as well. There is also stress put on the family that can divide even the strongest of families. In turn, most people don’t want to have to be taken care of by a loved one. Feelings of guilt and regret, regardless of fault, can make one feel like a burden. Navigating the system is becoming increasingly difficult. An Advocate can help save your family from personal and financial ruin and reduce the stress that this process creates, providing you the time to...

March 19, 2014 |

What is a Plenary Guardian?

A Plenary Guardian means that the appointed guardian has legal rights by the court to make all decision over the person that is found incompetent. Therefore, is a legal appointment not a medical appointment. The medical report is only part of what a judge will weigh in making a decision for a potential ward. Once someone is under guardianship they will not be able to engage in certain activities. This is including but not limited to their estate. While someone is under the care of a guardian they may not: Determine residence. Consent to medical treatment. Make end-of-life decisions. Possess a driver’s license. Manage, buy, or sell property. Own or possess a firearm or...

November 11, 2013 |

How it began…

I didn’t set out to start a company like Life with Dignity. I have been a business owner for 14 years. I own a little company called Remedease. It started out as a professional organizing company to simply support people who were overwhelmed from life crisis or just didn’t have the gene that 40% of us get and the other 60% wish for, (the organization gene). It was a simple dream. What is that saying? “Man makes plans and God laughs.” Let me just say I make him laugh a lot. The good thing is I generally am aware when I am being led. Over the years Remedease grew a reputation for helping with...

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