How to Declutter your Life – Lessons from Nature

How to Declutter your Life - Lessons from NatureThere is a natural order to the world. Think about it. There are all sorts of ways that nature keeps a balance to prevent clutter. Rain washes away debris and feeds the earth. Flowers die and drop seeds to reproduce more flowers. Forest fires rekindle growth in over grown areas. Even as human beings we are here for a short period of time and then we make room for the next generation.

It is funny how nature understands this law of physics but humans don’t. Most of us don’t understand that there is only so much that we can allow into our lives before it becomes fatal. By fatal, I don’t mean we die, I mean aspects of our life die.

For instance:

  • We eat too much and it affects our health so we can’t be as active, restricting our experiences.
  • We schedule too much and then can’t keep up on many aspects of our lives from maintaining our homes to maintaining our relationships.
  • We invest in too many material “things” and forget to invest in our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing instead.
  • We spend too much and then worry too much because we don’t have enough money to spend more.

If we can set limits and take to heart the natural order of the world, we could have fuller, more balanced lives. Can you imagine how different your life could be if you just set limits on these three aspects of your life:

  • Limits on what and how much you purchase or acquire
  • Limits on what you say yes (and no) to
  • Limits on how many hours you work

Less is sometimes more. #SimpleLife #HappyLife

Think about it…



Learn more about how we can help declutter your life: Hoarding and Mental Health – Finding the Support You Need

Hoarding and Mental Health – Finding the Support You Need

Living Life with Dignity on TLC's Hoarders: Buried Alive
Fran Piekarski (left), President of Living Life with Dignity, on TLC’s Hoarders: Buried Alive

For adults with disabilities or special needs, disorganization can be a huge problem — for both the individual and the family.

Individuals with mental health issues often exhibit the attributes of hoarding disorder.

Understanding the delicacy, privacy and pain of a hoarder’s situation is key to gaining their trust and reducing their stress during the process of change. Living Life with Dignity helps people who hoard by providing them with the tools to make decisions about their belongings and their future. We work with mental health professionals, condo associations, municipalities, and families to address the needs of those suffering with chronic disorganization and/or hoarding.

We offer the following services for clients affected by hoarding:

  • Confidential assessment
  • Assembly of customized team
  • Collaborative planning in coordination with your therapist or recommended mental health professional
  • Assistance with execution of our recommendation and collaboration

Transitions – Finding you the place that meets your needs

Often a disability will require a change in an individual’s environment. You or your loved one may be dealing with a temporary or permanent new need and the current environment may no longer suit your needs.

With over sixteen years of experience, we are skilled in working with the hoarding community, including crisis situations and eviction threats.

We can assist you in either re-equipping your current environment or providing new accommodations. Our goal is to locate the least restrictive, most beneficial option available. After all, part of quality living is a quality living environment.

Contact us for more information on help with hoarding.

Image Credit: St. Louis-based artist and photographer Carrie M. Becker created a miniature diorama of a hoarder’s house.