Living Life with Dignity offers warm, compassionate, professional services to adults with disabilities and their families. We create well-rounded life plans for each client’s unique situation, identify the best resources and coordinate care management services.

Why Work With Us

About-why-work-with-usEvery individual is entitled to live a life with dignity, regardless of age, budget or family circumstances. We are committed to helping each client build a plan to ensure that quality of life.

For people dealing with mental health issues, disability or aging, “the system” is not designed to make our Living Life With Dignity mission simple. That’s why we focus on three key components to simplify the process: advocacy/care management, life/care planning and power of attorney/private guardianship.

The goal: to help individuals, families and caregivers maintain a supported independence, while saving our clients time, money, and, perhaps most importantly, stress.

Realistic life plans — Efficiently carried out

We build a realistic, well-rounded life plan that is carried out efficiently and effectively. Since we know your community’s services and outreach programs, we’re able to quickly connect you to the area’s best resources.

We determine what needs can be met by which providers. Then we facilitate those connections, relieving much of the pressure for you and your loved ones.

We work within reasonable budgets. We do NOT charge excessive or unnecessary fees. And we provide our clients the support they need to maintain as much personal dignity, independence, security and peace of mind as possible.

Our relationships with care agencies, specialists, program directors and private providers throughout the Chicago area support our team approach of helping you reach your goals.

About-who-we-helpWho We Help

Living Life With Dignity gives hope, help and courage to individuals struggling with mental health or physical challenges and the families caring for them.

We also work with clients’ attorneys, trust officers, accountants, financial planners, investment advisors, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and clergy, as well as designated staff in hospitals and assisted-living and rehab facilities.