Developmental Disabilities

About-who-we-helpWhat happens when an adult child with disabilities or special needs can’t live independently? Parents of a disabled adult child need to have a plan in place that details the right support throughout that child’s life.

Learn how we help families whose loved one faces development disabilities.


Case Study


  • 45-year-old female diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) at birth
  • Needs life plan
  • Mother concerned over recent change in demeanor


  • Recently diagnosed as bi-polar after manic attacks
  • Mother questions diagnosis
  • Having bouts of agoraphobia
  • Moved in with mother and quit job due to anxiety issues
  • On the cusp for services through PUNS with no proof of her IQ prior to age 22
  • Mother becomes ill and unable to support her, brother loving but not able to meet her needs


  • Obtain proper diagnosis
  • Obtain proper treatment
  • Find appropriate living environment
  • Assign guardianship in event of mother’s death


  • Transition from apartment to mother’s house
  • Transition from mother’s house to supportive living
  • Assisted with closing all accounts related to apartment
  • Secured storage
  • Organized paperwork that came from the apartment and paid bills
  • Referred new psychiatrist and attended appointments with client
  • Hired caregivers for mother’s return home to assist with client during transition
  • Assisted with admission to the crisis stabilization unit
  • Life plan
  • Care coordination
  • Secured skilled living facility
  • Participated in all care plan meetings
  • Aided in making sure all needs were met and family was informed
  • Aided in the process to appoint a family guardian