Mental Health Issues

mental-illnessDrawing on our firsthand experience with the effects of mental health issues on a family, we focus our efforts on maximizing every support resource available.

Our first step toward achieving and Living Life With Dignity is recognizing what role mental health plays in a client’s life.

During an initial assessment with a client, the family and doctors, we learn which issues have been resolved and where struggles continue to occur. Following that meeting, an assessment is developed based on the results of that collaboration. We provide an assessment document highlighting recommendations for a life/care plan, as well as an affordable fee structure.

A life/care plan is then developed through additional, very specific client interviews and outreach to our network of community resources. Our associates work hand-in-hand with clients, their families and/or caregivers to make sure the plan works in everyday situations.

Case Study


  • 62-year-old female
  • Schizophrenic
  • Living in a nursing home with outside advocacy


  • Father appointed guardian after mother’s death; health issues prevent him from assisting in her care
  • Client believes mother is still alive and that family faked her death
  • Oppositional at first but is now compliant, still delusional after a year of treatment, mild paranoia
  • Does not maintain ADL’s unless prompted
  • Currently in secure environment


  • Attorney is concerned that she has not gotten proper care. Needs clothes, toiletries and reading materials
  • Father has to be removed as guardian due to competency issues
  • Client can afford better quality environment if one can be found


  • Appointed as Guardian
  • Attended all care plans
  • Advocated for rights
  • Accessed her current mental health status to acquire a more appropriate living environment
  • Secured outside professionals for additional evaluations
  • Facilitated change in residence
  • Visited regularly to ensure proper care and provide companionship