client-services-life-organizationFor adults with disabilities or special needs, disorganization can be a huge problem — for both the individual and the family.

With sixteen years of experience, we are skilled in working with the hoarding community, including crisis situations and eviction threats. We’ve worked with mental health professionals, condo associations, municipalities, families and individuals to address the needs of those suffering with chronic disorganization and/or hoarding.

Individuals with mental health issues often exhibit the attributes of hoarding disorder. We aren’t psychologists; we can’t make a diagnosis, based on visual evidence, that a person suffers from hoarding disorder. We can determine what characteristics they display; then we help them reduce their symptoms and regain a healthier life style.

The support you need

We understand the delicacy, privacy and pain of your situation. We will work with you to gain your trust and reduce your stress during the process. And we’ll provide you with the tools to make decisions about your belongings and your future, improving your well-being.

We offer the following services for clients affected by hoarding:

  • Confidential assessment
  • Assembly of customized team
  • Collaborative planning in coordination with your therapist or recommended mental health professional
  • Assembly of customized team
  • Assistance with execution of our recommendation and collaboration

client-services-life-organization-transitionsTransitions – Finding you the place that meets your needs

Often a disability will require a change in an individual’s environment. You or your loved one may be dealing with a temporary or permanent new need and the current environment may no longer suit your needs.

We can assist you in either re-equipping your current environment or providing new accommodations. Our goal is to locate the least restrictive, most beneficial option available. After all, part of quality living is a quality living environment.