How do I know if my loved one could benefit from Living Life with Dignity services?

If you are feeling like you are pulled in many different directions and don’t know what to do, chances are you may benefit from our services. The best way to know is to give us a call. A short conversation can put your concerns to rest.

What are our fees?

Fees are based on need. Some services are hourly, some are a flat rate. An initial assessment will take about 1.5 – 2 hours and the cost is $250. – $350. A basic Life Plan can run as low as $800, but the average is about $1,500.

What is a Life Plan?

A Life Plan is a strategic plan that determines the goals and needs of a loved one. It breaks downs all the necessary steps to achieve that goal. It can encompass all areas of life such as personal needs, medical needs, legal needs, financial needs and benefits. This plan can be used by a family as a guide or in conjunction with Living Life with Dignity services.