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Details of scheduled workshops and events will be published here when they become available. Get in touch with us if you are interested in learning more about any of the workshops below.

Essential Oils and Aroma Touch Therapy for Wellness

When to Say When: Dealing with Dementia

What are you committing to? Understanding Guardianship and Power Of Attorney.

Getting the Benefit — Without the Doubt

Hoarding Disorder: A Dirty Little Family Secret


Want to Learn the Benefits and Uses of Essential Oils and Aroma Touch Therapy?

Fran Piekarski, founder of Living Life with Dignity, will be running a holistic networking event focussed on the benefits and uses of essential oils and aroma touch therapy to assist individuals and families with challenges due to aging, mental illness or developmental disabilities.

Fran’s passion for essential oils started as a means to assist clients in a more holistic manner: “It’s great to help a caregiver ease a loved one’s pain and suffering simply by using an oil. Many of our caregivers find they reap the benefits as well”.

Essential oils are blended from naturally occurring, aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. They can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. Fran would love to share her knowledge with you!

Please Register for the event here: Registration: Essential Oils for Wellness with Fran Piekarski

Date and Time

Wed, November 29, 2017
12:00 PM – 2:00 PM CST


Regus – Illinois, St. Charles – The Plaza
100 Illinois Street
#Suite 200
St. Charles, IL 60174
United States

When to Say When: Dealing with Dementia

It’s one of the biggest challenges for caregivers and those working with caregivers of individuals with dementia — how and when to make a decision about putting that person into an assisted living residence, dementia-specific unit, or skilled nursing home.

This workshop will address various aspects of caring for a loved one at home versus switching primary care to one of these types of residences. The topics addressed include key issues:

  • How to know when you’ve reached your emotional and physical limit of taking care of your loved one at home
  • How to take advantage of resources available in the community in making decisions about your loved one’s future care
  • Steps involved in developing a plan of care, including financial considerations and the practical aspects of determining the best place for your loved one
  • Addressing family dynamics and issues around making these tough decisions

Dementia Specialist and Living Life with Dignity Care Manager, Scott Tolan, will guide you through these topics and provide a thorough understanding of the factors involved. After directing three different dementia-focused residences and working with numerous clients with dementia throughout the Chicagoland area, Scott brings a wealth of expertise to these issues.

We guarantee this will be an educational and informative session.

What are you committing to? Understanding Guardianship and Power Of Attorney.

Most people think of guardianship and power of attorney as responsibilities left to a family to make decisions about end-of-life or to ensure that their loved one’s financial responsibilities are being managed during an illness. However, there is much more to these appointments then meets the eye.

This workshop will help family members understand:

  • Your personal role to your loved one
  • Your financial responsibility to your loved one
  • The difference between guardianship and power of attorney
  • What you can and cannot do under each appointment
  • What records have to be kept
  • How to make decisions for your loved one when the time comes

Fran Piekarski, Certified Guardian and President of Living life with Dignity, will share with you the importance of this role. For years, she has served as a Corporate Guardian for Living Life with Dignity, providing individuals with the support needed to live a quality life while managing the challenges that come from needing a guardian.

Attending this workshop could save you save thousands of dollars and significantly reduce family stress.

Getting the Benefit — Without the Doubt

Social security, social security disability, supplemental security income, Medicare, Medicaid. veterans’ benefits, DHS. What qualifies when? HELP!

This workshop will give you clarity around various benefits so you’re not so confused.

We’ll cover:

  • Understanding the difference between the various types of programs
  • Understanding who qualifies for what
  • Where to get help with applications and determining what you need
  • What to expect when applying for benefits

Fran Piekarski, Founder of Living Life with Dignity, and Polly Machinski, Case Manager, will share their wealth of forty years of experience dealing with these government-sponsored programs.

You’ll receive practical steps and tools to navigate this complicated system.

Hoarding Disorder: A Dirty Little Family Secret

Hoarding disorder is one of the most misunderstood mental health issues and one of the most difficult to get treatment for. Family members dealing with this illness don’t know what to do when their loved one won’t budge.

But there is hope. New information is being discovered every day, and there are specific ways to make progress when dealing with hoarding.

This workshop will help you gain insight into helping a loved one or client with hoarding disorder as you learn to:

  • Identify symptoms and treatments for hoarding disorder
  • Get help for hoarding disorder
  • Help your loved one rather that sabotage any and all efforts

Fran Piekarski, Founder of Living Life with Dignity, has spent fifteen years working one-on-one with individuals suffering from hoarding disorder. Long before it was mainstream in our culture, she has worked with many individuals and families, helping them begin to live again — free from the constraints of stuff.

Attending this workshop could change your life, not to mention your loved one’s.